Web 3.0 & Smart Contracts

The next iteration of the internet is Web3 which is built around blockchain technologies. Web3, Crypto, Smart contracts, and Dapps are not buzzwords anymore. Crypto isn't just sending money..... Learn More

Google Cloud Development

“Cloud is about how you do computing, not where you do computing”.We have been developing highly scalable and cost-effective Enterprise Solutions on Google Cloud for more than six years. We only work with Google Cloud.... Learn More

Business Intelligence

Data is the new gold. In this digital era organizations have to depend on Communication platforms, Office suites, CRM tools, and Collaboration tools. but how do you know that your employees.... Learn More

What is Codimite Archiver ?

Codimite Archiver integrates with your preferred backup drive to easily backup your incoming and outgoing calls and meetings recordings to your Google Drive or OneDrive accounts and securely search and retrieve your records, play them back, download, or delete at any time, from anywhere.
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NFT Marketplace

Is it difficult to build your own NFT Marketplace where no one can erase your ownership of your digital Asset? We are passionate about building amazing NFT marketplaces that let you trade NFTs and allow you to mint your own NFTs.
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Zoom Phone + SugarCRM?

Have you been looking for an integration solution with Zoom Phone and SugarCRM? We will provide you with the best solution that we built.
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Blazingly Fast, Low Cost, & Eco-Friendly platform with the fastest smart contracts platform in the blockchain industry, as measured by time-to-finality.

Decentralized, open-source blockchain with smart contract functionality and Ethereum is the most popular and stable blockchain protocol for minting, buying, and trading NFTs.

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