Blockchain Developments

Are you really concerned about the security of your data that hold by a centralized service? What if you can keep track of all the activities related to your data? A place where all your data is decentralized with 100% visibility within your network. That’s why our blockchain enthusiasts develop user-friendly blockchain products.

It is all about a distributed ledger that has the potential to bring a new level of transparency and automation to your business processes.


What we have experienced in blockchain and crypto developments…

Experience with Building crypto game, Mining Game

“No Code” Framework to tokenize any assets

Building APIs to explore Blockchain Transaction and history

Hosting Blockchain Infrastructures in Google Cloud

Web3/Smart Contracts Solutions

The next iteration of the internet is Web3 which is built around blockchain technologies. Web3, Crypto, Smart contracts, and Dapps are not buzzwords anymore. Crypto isn’t just sending money. Developers are building a whole new world by creating dapps using Smart contracts and crypto in Web3. This is why Codimite has kicked off the Enterprise Web3 Development. Our enthusiastic, passionate Coding Geeks have already mastered developing Dapps in Avalanche  Ethereum and Stacks Blockchain Platforms.

NFT marketplace

Web3 Games Development

Hosting Validator/Mining Nodes

Tokenization and Ownership rights

Fintech Services with Crypto

Supply Chain Blockchain Solutions

Avalanche appreciated substantially in a short period of time because of its ingenious infrastructure designed to run smart contracts faster and cheaper than the world’s second largest crypto platform Ethereum. Security, Decentralization, and Scalability are the foundations of any Blockchain platform. Although Ethereum is the most popular dapps platform in the world it has scalability issues. The gas fee is skyrocketing. This is why developers are looking for another option like Avalanche. Another best thing is that the Avalanche C chain is built on Ethereum Virtual Machine. Developers can simply execute their solidity code on the C chain.


What we have experienced in Avalanche developments…

Interested in running your own validator Node and you have no idea to set up the infrastructure? We have built a service in Google cloud  for Validator Node as a service.

We can build  private blockchain platforms and issue customized tokens which has your own set of rules with Avalanche P chain. Web3 games are rapidly moving to Avalanche Subnets because it has capability to give the best user experience than Ethereum.

If are you interested in tokenization in Real estate, Arts, and other  assets We have built the framework with Avalanche C Chain.

Validator Node As a Service

Subnet As a Service
Smart Contract & Web3

Blockchain Platforms

Blockchain Development Platforms we work on.

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