Business Intelligence

Data is the new gold. In this digital era organizations have to depend on Communication platforms, Office suites, CRM tools, and Collaboration tools. but how do you know that your employees are utilizing these tools and being productive? You can if you have an intelligent data analytics system to make those decisions that will drive your business to the next level.
Also, using middleware to connect your Phone system and CRM tool to make your team more efficient.


CPaaS/UCaaS Integration

UCaaS and CPaaS are cloud-based delivery systems facilitating effective, flexible, and scalable enterprise communications, with unmatched use cases in the age of remote working culture. Their practicality has led to the shift to Communication Platforms by global product companies to transform their communication processes. CODIMITE offers full-range communication services while specializing in omnichannel communications, allowing for effective communications on a unified platform across the entire organization, with equal visibility. The strategic business advantages of UCaaS and CPaaS include cost and time reductions, shorter customer waiting times, and productivity boosts, plus shorter sales cycles. In the ever-changing world of international business, CODIMITE’s selection of UCaaS and CPaaS solutions — integrating voice, audio & video conferencing, instant messaging and chat, plus other communications channels — enables world-class communication capabilities that will improve your business. Together with our expertise in developing tailor-made communications platforms based on specific needs, our multi-channel offering positions us as a distinct, global full-service Communication Solutions provider.

System Integration (Automation)

Why waste time working with external applications without proper compatibility with your setup? CODIMITE’s specialty is designing purpose-built, 360-degree solutions within a single ecosystem at a cost-friendly rate. Imagine the power and simplicity of integrating all cross-departmental processes into a seamless workflow, so that each step is fully digitalized. Business optimization is the result. Plus, by applying AI technologies, specific processes can be automated so that your business is streamlined even further. We’re experts at converting that perfect process you’ve imagined into a distinct reality. Reach out to us and one of our sales engineers will be happy to help you. Discover exactly how CODIMITE can improve your company’s efficiency by Automating specific processes of your operation with system integration, so you can reduce costs and grow.

Business Insight Solutions

Is it practically possible for ten human minds to identify all the trends and patterns in your business? And can a single manager properly review or monitor ten juniors? Machine learning is perfectly suited here as it can do both, and more. CODIMITE’s business Insight solutions can read and convert the input of all digital communication channels into actionable business insights and analytics. From transcribing your business calls (VOIP) and informing you exactly who is satisfied to extracting the key action points of a critical meeting, we enable modern business capabilities. Our solutions also assist in producing high-impact, data-driven reports by thoroughly analyzing your CRM, Service Delivery, Workforce Management and any application data, so you can generate intelligent dashboard and operate a smart business.

Sales Automation

Is it difficult to keep track of your leads properly? Waste no further time or human resources on manually adding queries and leads to your CRM. CODMITE provides integrated sales automation solutions combining your business phone system, CRM system plus your business productivity tools. The result of our automation process and tools is a seamless, error-free and streamlined sales process. Our custom-built sales automation solutions will help eliminate excessive people dependency in sales teams and create empowered, self-managed sales teams. Additionally, our sales automation tools offer powerful sales insights and customer trends, so you can add the advantage of machine learning to your business. Reach out to us and book a time slot to learn how we can transform your sales process and business.

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