Google Contact Center AI

Are you still looking into improving customer satisfaction by traditional strategies like hiring more additional call centre agents, by increasing operating costs? What do you know about your customers? Are they complaining on

  • Long wait/hold times
  • Unlimited call transfers
  • Difficult to navigate the IVR
  • The proper resources aren’t available 

like these kinds of stuff?

Are you Looking for the most workable cloud-based artificial intelligence solution to enhance your contact centre environment?


Google CCAI must be the best solution for your business.


Offer step-by-step assistance in real time

Through voice calls or chat, customers will no longer have to wait or face difficulties or complaint issues. Customer simply says their requirements, and CCAI’s natural language recognition feature discovers the best solution to assist them. These customer service advancements empower human call centre agents to provide eminent assistance and this authorises them to concentrate on higher-value tasks in their customer interactions.


What we can provide with Google CCAI..

Continuous support for human agents through real-time transcribing of calls and there are more…

Real-time assistance

Scanning keywords

Popping up FAQ contents

Clear-cut responses

Suggesting possible appointment time slots

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